Delta States Irrigation Conference


The First Annual Delta States Irrigation Conference (DSIC) will be held in Sikeston on Dec. 17 and 18 at the Miner Convention Center. The center is located at 2610 E. Malone Ave., just off Interstate 55.

Starting this year the conference is set to become a yearly event coordinated by a consortium of mid-Southern state irrigation specialists, in conjunction with MidAmerica Farm Publications.

Your irrigation needs were foremost in our minds in planning this year’s conference. Our goal is that when the conference is over the farmers will walk out the door with practical irrigation-related tips that will put money in their pockets for the next growing season. Practical and usable is the conference’s mantra. To ensure that attendees leave with more than just a plastic tote bag full of brochures, the proceedings and slide presentations will be posted to the Internet for future reference. Examples from success- ful farmers and extension demonstrations will be highlighted.

joe henggelerJoe Henggeler, Irrigation Specialist at the Fisher Delta Research Center.

Next winter (Jan, 2016) the DSIC will become a fourth component of MidAmerica Farm Publication’s highly successful system of conferences, joining with the existing National Conservation Systems Cotton & Rice Conference, Southern Corn & Soybean Conference, and Southern Precision Ag Conference. The inception of these conferences began in Little Rock, Ark. in 1998, and with the importance of irrigation today we are glad to add this component along side the other conferences.

The two dozen plus speakers on the program are there to share both good and bad experiences, explain how you can capture more irrigation dollars, suggest new ways to solve difficult problems, and reveal novel ways to trim production costs, while increasing yields.

We hope you will take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the speakers and other attendees. You are encouraged to challenge presenters with questions and to share your successes and difficulties with them. We want you to learn not only from the presentations, but from your interaction with other producers who are present for this conference.

We would, however, like to recognize you — the participants, who are the real nuts and bolts of this conference — for the time and effort you made to attend. We appreciate your continued support and interest, and we hope you will find the program worthy of your involvement.

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