About Us

Fisher Delta Research Center Team

The Fisher Delta Research Center is made up of faculty, staff and volunteers, and donors who work together to make it the best it can be.

Cropping Systems Gene Stevens StevensW@missouri.edu
Soils Lab David Dunn DunnD@missouri.edu
Soybean Breeder Pengyin Chen chenpe@missouri.edu
Weed Science Jim Heiser HeiserJ@missouri.edu


Research Centers exist to support and facilitate the total research program of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station system. As such, they are an integral part of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station and unique contributors to MU’s comprehensive land-grant responsibility.

We have a common goal of conducting high quality research that will respond to the needs of Missouri citizens, maintain and enhance our natural resource base, support a vital food and fiber system and help keep Missouri producers competitive.

We will work with University extension, state and federal agencies and Missouri agribusiness to support a reliable, safe supply of quality food supplied in a sustainable, profitable manner.

For images of Fisher Delta Research Center, visit CAFNR’s Flickr site.

Advisory Board

Chairman: Jason Bean

Glenn Barks Dan Jennings Lee Richardson
Lanie Black III Richard Kies Rep. Todd Richardson
David Blakemore Peter Kinder Rep. Don Rone
James Bracey Elvin Kingree Justin Rone
Earl Bullington Charles Kruse Micah Rone
Jerry Paul Combs Sen. Doug Libla Allen Rowland
Paul T. Combs David Madison, Jr. John Sanders
Robert Cook Scott Matthews Glenn “Skip” Smallwood
Paul Crysler Judge Robert Mayer Bob Smith
Caleb Davis Rep. Andrew McDaniel Hubert Snipes
Jeff Davis Patrick McHaney Kevin Still
Charles Earnest Baughn Merideth Larry Strobel
John Farris Wendell Minson Zack Tanner
Fred Ferrell Davis Minton Rogers VanAusdall, Jr.
Jake Fisher Max Ray Moore Bill Wagner
David Haggard Nancy Moore Sen. Wayne Wallingford
David Herbst Monte Owen Lee Watkins
Furgison Hunter, Jr. Charles Parker Stephen Watkins
John Hux, Jr. John Raines Gary Wheeler
Joe Janes Rep. Holly Rehder